The new way to book an aircraft.

The UberJets Membership streamlines private jet travel, introducing the freedom of choice all within one seamless platform providing members unsurpassed best in market aircraft solutions each and every time you fly.

Our commitment to safety.

Within the palm of your hand you are powered with instant real-time access to a Virtual Hangar® of over 3500+ highly vetted aircraft. Focused on safety, quality and crew experience.



 The Virtual Hangar® platform empowers UberJets members with an abundance of custom A.I generated aircraft options.  All 3500+ aircraft are safety-vetted, catered to user’s exact needs.


Members enjoy piece of mind knowing they have the guarantee of being wheels up on as little as 3 hours response time, with No Blackout Dates.  Ensuring members get priority choice, in order to fly wherever, whenever.


The benefits of owning a fleet of aircraft with out the downside.  Complete freedom of choice all within one seamless platform providing a vast selection of custom aircraft options.

About Us

UberJets | Virtual Hangar® is an advanced platform developed by seasoned experts from the private aviation and technology sectors. With a vision to modernize private jet travel for the 21st century, we leverage deep industry experience and an AI-driven operating system. This cutting-edge technology grants our members real-time access to an extensive range of aircraft, allowing them to select the precise year, make, and model that best suits their mission, all at the most competitive prices.