Stop light technology results in More Flights!

UberJets new stoplight technology allows for our members to know the best time to book as pricing is portrayed as best to worst.

What do transportation methods, our way of life, and technology all have in common? They are all advancing at an extreme rate as we enter the second half of 2022… And flying private is no exception!

UberJets has made its statement as we embark upon our mission to deliver best in class booking technology, service, and most importantly, savings… By constantly seeking to create an experience unlike any other, we have culminated in the industry’s best experts and truly created the most straightforward aircraft platform.

In an attempt to upgrade our jetters experience on a daily basis, we have just implemented our newest feature… Our unique stoplight pricing system notifies Members when an option is priced poorly (red), fairly (yellow), or great (green)! These important features attribute our dedication to the utmost satisfaction and transparency our team strives to deliver.

This technology is comparing aircraft pricing between brokers and competitors all around the world and letting you know when the best price is available and when you should book an aircraft proofing all Uberjets pricing to make sure that we are providing the best possible price in the market. We strive to make the scary pricing of private flying a thing of the past and give our members a memory worth talking about and not a price worth worrying about.

At Uberjets, our mission is to consistently provide the latest AI flight automation technology and apply it to ultimately create seamless trips, at the best in market pricing, all the while providing top notch service and satisfaction for Members.