The Uber of Private Jets: UberJets

In the private jet industry, everyone is claiming to be the “Uber of private jets.” But BizJetNation has found the actual Uber of Private Jets: UberJets. A company that is driven to deliver a different customer experience than their competitors, rooted in cutting edge technology and innovation.

As a premium private jet community, we at BizJetNation are always looking for new companies that make a big splash in the industry. UberJets, not affiliated with Uber, is getting a lot of attention not just because of the name, but the unique business model as well. They believe in giving their customers a user-friendly membership experience through technology. Members can satisfy all their private travel needs at the touch of a button and UberJets members also get prices straight from the operators without the huge markups like other competing companies.

According to their website: “UberJets was founded by a group of highly experienced private aviation and technology experts. With a shared vision to bring private jet travel into the 21st century delivering deep industry experience. and today’s latest technology platforms. Our quick tap and book app connects thousands of the top safety rated private jet travel aircraft in the United States and worldwide connecting the top achievers in sports, business, and entertainment to over 5500 locations that commercial aircraft can’t access…we are the best option for private jet travel! freedom to Live, Fly, Repeat !

What does an UberJets membership include? Based on their website: “UberJets provides a unique membership experience, unlike any other private aviation company. Members have unlimited access to our user-friendly booking platform, unlimited flight requests, no blackout dates and special access to exclusive features only on our reserved member app. UberJets also provides members 24/7 access to their own dedicated flight service representative. With each flight, members are offered full complimentary catering and luxury black SUV car service, all included in the membership. The annual UberJets membership fee of $9,500 (plus a one-time initiation fee) unlocks wholesale pricing formerly only reserved for large brokers and operators. If you would like to learn more about our membership program, please schedule a call with one of our many experienced sales representatives.”