UberJets Reports Strong 3rd Quarter

UberJets unique pay as you go model propelled by artificial intelligence providing best and market pricing is a sharp contrast to old economy standards like FlexJets, NetJets, Sentient, and Wheels Up who all sell one size fits all 25 hour Jet Cards. It has been widely reported in a recent Forbes article that Wheels Up had to take over $74 million from the government as part of the PPP program in recent months. As a result of UberJets artificial intelligence platform, it does not own aircraft and is able to save tens of millions of dollars in personnel costs having unlimited expansion capabilities within the marketplace.

It’s for all these reasons UberJets is optimistic about its continued expansion within the marketplace and projects a 20% market share of this 6 billion dollar industry by 2023. “Automation and integration have dramatically simplified an industry with a much needed long overdue facelift,” said Martin Aiken Engineering VP As seen in numerous articles written by Afar travel magazine UberJets supports a “One Stop Shop” platform that assists members to navigate and select the best, most cost-efficient aircraft to cater to their specific needs & wants.

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About UberJets: UberJets, founded in 2017, pioneered an innovative, pay-as-you-fly technology membership model. Inspired by the needs of the modern traveler, UberJets provides 24/7 access to charter services with unparalleled flexibility. While many in private aviation remain fixated on antiquated processes and procedures, UberJets leverages cloud-based machine learning to provide an industry-leading web/app framework. Our technology-driven operating system allows flyers live access to a wide variety of aircraft options, granting freedom to choose the exact year, make and model that serves their mission with the best in market price point. For more information, please visit:

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